Cider tasting at the Cyder Presse – Activity Idea

What could be better than sitting in the sun with an interesting and tasty range of ciders? Nothing! This one is for adults only.

Why it’s on my list

A friend wanted to go to the Cyder Presse for her birthday after a great visit a few years ago. I was more than happy with this choice – I love cider!

Activity Information


Location: The Cyder Presse, Weare Giffard, near Bideford

Age range: adults, 18+

Price: £3.50 for one tasting board of three glasses of cider. Each glass is a third of a pint, so one tasting board adds up to a pint.

To book: no need to book, just turn up. Check the website or the Facebook page for opening hours.

Overall verdict

There’s a reason why the Cyder Presse has been awarded Cider Pub of the Year for 2018 and 2019. What a delicious and fascinating range of ciders! It was wonderful to sit outside in the sunshine, chatting with friends and sharing our tasting boards of cider. A perfect afternoon – for adults only of course!

Ciders from the Cyder Presse, Weare Giffard
Front row, left to right: orange, haze and apple with rum

Aside from trying a tasting board, it’s clear that the Cyder Presse offers so much more, especially to its local community. They serve some very tasty looking food, created by their chef, and they put on lots of events throughout the year, which look very popular. Although I love where I live, that doesn’t stop me dreaming of moving to Weare Giffard!

The activity

The Cyder Presse is a rather special pub, they always have at least 25 different ciders available. There are so many different flavours on offer and if you’d like to try a few different flavours without getting very sozzled, you can get a tasting board of three half pints.

Over the course of a few hours, I enjoyed eight different ciders – strawberry, berries and cherries, mango, apple and blackcurrant, orange, haze (a cloudy cider), apple with rum, and… apple with chocolate!

The best

I love fruit ciders and my favourite was the mango – after enjoying a taster I ordered a half pint more. Very refreshing and quite sweet.

Some of the ciders available at the Cyder Presse, glass of mango cider
Some of the ciders available at the Cyder Presse, glass of mango cider

A close second was the chocolate cider, simply because it was so incredibly chocolate flavoured. It wasn’t overly sweet, which was good, and it tasted unmistakably of chocolate. A very interesting cider.

Cider tasting boards from the Cyder Presse
Back row, left to right: strawberry, berries and cherries, chocolate and apple

Not the best

The one drawback of drinking sweet cider and sitting outside in the sun is wasps. Pesky little devils!

Top tip

Trying the cider is a must, so think about arranging a lift or take a look at public transport options beforehand. There is a bus stop right outside the pub, as luck, and convenience, would have it.


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