Air Extreme trampoline park – Attraction Review

Jump around and get down at Air Extreme in Barnstaple – a great attraction for a variety of ages that gets the adrenaline pumping.

Why it’s on my list

The popularity of trampoline parks has seen them pop up across the country, and Barnstaple got its very own trampoline park in 2016. As one of the biggest and most exciting new attractions to come to North Devon, I had to give it a try.

Attraction Information


Location: Lauder Lane, Roundswell, Barnstaple

Age range: 18 months+, there are special sessions for 18 months-5 years and 3-5 years, but most of the sessions are for 5+ years

Price: one hour-long session for 5+ years (Extreme Jump) – £10, add an extra consecutive hour for £5. Air Extreme grip socks (essential one-time purchase) are £1.50

To book: book online here or call 01271 349806

Overall verdict

What an action-packed hour we had! We may have felt like the oldest people there by a country mile, but it was great fun to try out all the different areas of the park with friends, and we all got some good exercise in the process – an added bonus. Would absolutely recommend.

The activity

There are eight different activities you can try at Air Extreme, and seven different trampoline areas.

Dodge ball and air ball – work in teams to hit each other with soft balls (no headshots) or try to get the balls through the hoops at either end. Maximum teams of six, which would fill all the trampolines in the area, so you can imagine it can get quite heated!

Dodgeball at Air Extreme Barnstaple

Tumble tracks – work on your cartwheels and flips on the super long tumble tracks.

Tumble tracks at Air Extreme Barnstaple

Air bags – get some air on a trampoline before landing gracefully (or not!) into the giant airbag. There are three levels to jump from, three levels to test your nerves!

Trying the air bag at Air Extreme Barnstaple

Hole in the wall – throw balls into the holes to score points. The smaller the hole the higher the score.

Hole in the Wall at Air Extreme 50 points


Hole in the Wall at Air Extreme 90 points

The wall – have a go at the very special skill of bouncing up from a trampoline to walk up the wall. Best to do if you already know how to do a back drop. See how high you can make it!

The wall at Air Extreme Barnstaple

Performance trampolines – get twice the air on the three super springy trampolines in the middle, which means you will have more time to try a trick. If you’re into your trampolining, these will be the place to try your seat drops, swivel hips, front drops and more.

Free bounce – does what it says on the tin, lots of trampolines where you can bounce around as you please.

The best

My favourite thing was the air bags. It’s amazing how nervous you can feel about jumping a little distance! After a few goes and with some encouragement I tried a forward flip and it felt amazing. Mega fun.

Air bag at Air Extreme Barnstaple

My other half liked the performance trampolines the most as it meant we could really get some good height, which is exhilarating in itself. And he tried his first ever swivel hips and pretty much nailed it!

Not the best

Going on a Saturday afternoon was probably not the best idea for me and my group of friends, just because it was quite busy and there were lots and lots of children. This just meant we were a little more reserved that we might have been if there were more adults – you can’t throw balls at a child!

Saying that, if I was ever throwing a children’s birthday party I would definitely consider Air Extreme – the party bits look fun, the food menu is right up my street and the kids will have a great time.

Top tip

Make sure you keep your Air Extreme grip socks – will save you buying another pair when you return in future.

Also take a look at the other trampoline sessions they do – as well as options for little ones there are exercise classes, disco nights and professional trampolining classes.


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