The Thatch, Croyde – Pub Review

The Thatch in Croyde is a North Devon favourite and it lives up to its reputation. A lovely pub with great grub.

Why it’s on my list

Croyde is one of the most famous surfing spots in the country, and The Thatch is its famous thatched pub. I’ve been there a couple of times for a drink in the beer garden, which has been most enjoyable, so a proper visit with some good pub grub had to happen!

Pub Information


Location: 14 Hobb’s Hill, Croyde, Braunton

Opening times: open every day, 8am-11pm

To book: Call 01271 890349

Overall verdict

The Thatch has a well-earned reputation amongst North Devonians. And after our visit, I heartily agree with that. My friends and I spent ages poring over the menu and trying to decide what to order, it all sounded great. I think a return visit is in the near future.

What I had

I had a hankering for some Mexican food and I’ve been trying to eat less meat – so the veggie enchiladas sounded perfect. They came with rice, sour cream, salsa, coleslaw and salad.

Veggie enchiladas from The Thatch in Croyde

My husband went for the most amazing sounding burger on the menu – two beef patties coated in BBQ sauce, beef chilli, jalapeños, onion, lettuce, tomato, mature cheddar and mustard mayo, all in a bun. This was called the Exmoor Beast. It came with chips, coleslaw and tomato relish.

Exmoor Beast burger from The Thatch in Croyde

On a second visit we popped in for a Banoffee Pie when we were in the mood for a dessert.

Banoffee Pie from The Thatch Croyde

The best

I absolutely adored the enchiladas, which were covered in layers of tomato sauce, bechamel sauce and melted cheese. I loved the hearty veggie chilli filling, which included kidney beans and aubergine. The flour tortillas became almost like pasta because they soaked up the delicious sauces, so it felt a bit like a lasagna – amazing comfort food.

But if you’re not feeling something veggie, the Exmoor Beast burger is a good shout. I had a bite and it was amaaaaazing.

Not the best

The alcoholic drinks aren’t cheap, but that’s probably for the best.

The venue

The Thatch is a brilliant pub. It’s location in the heart of Croyde village means it always has a lively, fun atmosphere, which is helped along by the perfect mix of country pub classic features, lots of space and the convenience of a car park and modern loos!

Tables inside The Thatch in Croyde

Bar inside The Thatch in Croyde

On a cold day there is sometimes a fire burning, which adds both warmth and atmosphere.

Fireplace in The Thatch Croyde

Top tip

Don’t underestimate the veggie chilli, it’s absolutely amazing! You can also enjoy it on a jacket potato, or with rice, salad and garlic bread, or as a topping for nachos. The Thatch is famous for nachos, so next time I am definitely going for that.

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