Morans Thai Restaurant – Restaurant Review

In the seaside village of Westward Ho! is a fantastic gem of a restaurant serving delicious Thai food – Morans.

Why it’s on my list

I really enjoy Thai food, but have only had restaurant Thai food outside of Devon. Morans in Westward Ho! has established itself as the Thai restaurant in North Devon and their food has become something worth travelling for. We visited one Saturday night with a group of friends.

Restaurant Information


Location: Golf Links Road, Westward Ho!

Opening times: Monday to Thursday 11.30am-11pm, Friday 11.30am-midnight, Saturday 10.30am-midnight, Sunday (buffet) 12 noon-5pm

To book: Enquire online or call 01237 472070

Overall verdict

We had a fabulous meal at Morans. I left feeling comfortably full and a little bit smug about my menu choices. Everything tasted amazing, from the starter, to the dessert, to the red wine. And it was fun to go out to Westward Ho! for an evening.

What I had

To start my husband and I shared some chicken satay skewers (Gai Sate) and duck and vegetable spring rolls with cashew nuts and hoi sin sauce (Po Pia Ped Tod).

Chicken satay skewers from Morans Westward Ho!

Duck and vegetable spring rolls from Morans Westward Ho!

For main we shared a beef massaman curry and weeping tiger beef, which is sirloin steak strips in oyster sauce with garlic, black pepper and coriander. We got some Thai coconut rice to share.

Weeping tiger beef from Morans Westward Ho!
Weeping tiger beef

For dessert I had a chocolate brownie, all to myself!

Chocolate brownie from Morans Westward Ho!

The best

There were so many wonderful things about every single course, but my favourite thing had to be the beef massaman curry. What a revelation! It was creamy, incredibly flavoursome and not too spicy. I could enjoy bowl after bowl of this curry. Having tried the supermarket sauces at home, I have to say that Morans’ beef massaman curry is a million times better – it’s in a league of its own.

Beef massaman curry and Thai coconut rice from Morans Westward Ho!

Not the best

Service was brilliant at the start of the evening, but became a bit slower as the evening went on. To be fair, the restaurant was packed and there was a big party on one table that came in around the same time as us. It seems that lots of people know about Morans!

The venue

The ambience in Morans was great. The lighting was dimmed and the furnishings felt rich, which helped to create a relaxing and comfortable vibe, even though it was very busy.

Outside Morans Westward Ho!

Top tip

Each dish is its own flavour sensation, so the more the merrier! This is the kind of restaurant where you’ll want to share your food with someone so that you can try a little bit of a variety of dishes.

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