Hocking’s Ice Cream – Food Review

The classic Hocking’s ice cream is the stuff that makes childhood memories, but what about their new flavours? I put two of them to the test.

Why it’s on my list

Hocking’s ice cream is a North Devon classic without question. I have always gone for a medium 99, which is two scoops of creamy vanilla ice cream, a chocolate flake and a light wafer cone – as shown in the photo above.

But in recent years, Hocking’s has expanded its offering and now sells a range of flavours from one of the vans in Westward Ho! They have offered tubs of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream for a while, but now they have been exploring their creative side and have added other flavours to their list: coffee, cherry, mint, salted caramel, coconut, passion fruit, blackberry, raspberry, banana, and blueberries and cream. Time to try something new.

Hocking's flavour van in Westward Ho

Retailer Information

Website: http://www.hockingsicecream.co.uk/ but their Facebook page is updated more regularly https://www.facebook.com/hockingsicecream/
Locations: From early March until late October, they have vans in various locations across North Devon. Best to check the Facebook page for updates, but over the season they have vans in Instow, Westward Ho!, Bideford , Appledore, Ilfracombe, Torrington, Northam Burrows and Sainsbury’s in Roundswell. The new flavours are currently only available in Westward Ho!
Opening times: As early as 10.30am and leaving as late as 8.30pm in some locations. Only evenings in Instow. Times may vary – they are vans of ice cream after all!

Overall verdict

Whilst I love the classic Hocking’s and it will always have a special place in my heart, I am definitely making room for some of their funky flavours for future visits. The two I tasted were wonderful, and I get the feeling they have worked hard to bring about these new flavours. I can’t wait to try them all!

What I had

Not all of the new flavours are available every day. In 2017, they had a flavour of the day thing going on, with specific flavours on specific days of the week. So on the day we went, Saturday, I chose the flavour of the day, which was coconut.

My husband chose salted caramel, and luckily for me this was the other flavour I was torn between trying, so I got to have a taste.

Hocking's ice cream - coconut and salted caramel

The best

Both were delicious, I cannot pick a winner.

Before trying the ice creams I thought that salted caramel would win hands down, the contrasting saltiness and sweetness is a joyful combination when balanced correctly. I know what it’s like when it goes too far towards salty, not good!

But the coconut ice cream was absolutely amazing. It was so fresh and light, whilst still retaining that classic Hocking’s creaminess. And I could feel the texture of little coconut flakes with every lick, just enough so you know there’s real coconut in there.

And the salted caramel? Just as perfectly balanced as I hoped it would be. Delicious.

Not the best

I didn’t order a chocolate flake, perhaps I should have. Just because they are always a tasty extra. Next time!

The venue

Hocking’s have vans in some of my favourite parts of North Devon, and many of them by the sea. So there are beautiful views and fresh air aplenty. My top location recommendation is Westward Ho! and not just because that is where the flavour van is. There are good, spacious paths to stroll along and you can look out across the sea towards Lundy Island and Saunton Beach. The waves, whether crashing or gentle, are the perfect backdrop for enjoying an ice cream.

Westward Ho!

Top tip

If it’s now November or December and you think you may have missed the boat, don’t worry. You can pick up a tub from the factory in Appledore. Take it home, keep in your freezer and enjoy a scoop whenever you fancy!


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