Fremington Quay Cafe – Cafe Review

Fremington Quay Cafe is a wonderful place for a pit stop if you’re making the most of the Tarka Trail, or if you just fancy a spot of tea and cake.

Why it’s on my list

When I was growing up there was nothing much at Fremington Quay, except an old, disused signal box from when the railway line carried on past Barnstaple and Fremington Quay was a bustling port. That signal box has since been expanded and become the Fremington Quay Cafe, which is popular with friends and family alike. There are lots of benches where you can enjoy lunch or cake with a cuppa outside, so on a sunny day my husband persuaded me to extend our walk around the area, with the promise of a trip to Fremington Quay Cafe being my motivational carrot on a stick.

Cafe Information

Location: Fremington Quay
Opening times: Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm; Saturday to Sunday, 9am-5.30pm
To book: They do not take bookings, just turn up.

Overall verdict

As far as a cup of tea and a sweet treat go, Fremington Quay Cafe is an absolute delight. Both of our choices were delicious, and not sickly sweet, which can so often be the case with some places – not here. Their tea selection was also to my liking, they had red bush to offer, which is my favourite. Coupled with a lovely view too and the warm sunshine, there was no place I would rather have been.

What I had

I enjoyed a caramel shortbread and red bush tea.

My husband had a slice of Malteser cake and a cappuccino.

Tea and cake Fremington Quay Cafe

The best

My caramel shortbread was AMAZING, it was one of the best I’ve ever had, and I’ve had more than I would care to admit. The shortbread was crumbly, and the proportions of shortbread to caramel to chocolate were spot on. And the circular shape? Love it – there’s more surface area and so I can savour it for longer.

Shortbread from Fremington Quay Cafe chocolate

Shortbread from Fremington Quay Cafe shortbread

They also offer breakfast until 11am, soup, baguettes and jacket potatoes, and a roast on Sundays during the winter season. I think I will be returning for a roast!

Not the best

It was a windy day and I didn’t have a hairband to tie back my hair, so I suffered with a classic case of biting down on food plus hair. But we couldn’t not sit outside on such a beautiful day. Moral of the story is to always bring a hairband, if you have long hair that is.

The venue

Fremington Quay is a beautiful spot, with the Taw estuary spread out serenely in front of you and Chivenor airfield in the distance. As it is right by the Tarka Trail, there are often people enjoying themselves on a walk or cycle ride, and plenty who stop for a bit of refreshment at the cafe or a picnic on the grass. So there is plenty to see when you sit outside.

Outside seating at Fremington Quay Cafe

Inside it is bright and airy, and it has a log burner, so I imagine it’s nice and cosy in the winter too.

Top tip

Sit outside if you can, it’s such a lovely place to be.

View from seats at Fremington Quay Cafe

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